Gymnastics, Cheer, Action Sports, Trampoline

My Process

  • Best Practices

    Complete and detailed evaluation and fact-based study of the case history, from which the appropriate strategy and plan is created. Use of best practices on how the particular sport teaches, trains and prepares participants as well as what are the standard and customary safety standards, equipment and practices in each respective sport or activity.

  • Teaching Progressions Analysis

    A method used to determine if proper and standard techniques have been utilized and incorporated into the teaching regiment. Involving a detailed and through analysis of the basic equipment, safety equipment, safety procedures and other factors to best evaluate the situation in question and its surrounding circumstances.

  • Standard and Customary

    Utilization of the most current and accurate “standard and customary” practices used in the particular sport and activity to best determine how to approach each and every question and proposition.

  • Fact-Based Evaluation

    Reconstruction of the situation utilizing all the appropriate details, available information, and deductions in rendering opinions and conclusions. All available resources, background, history and important support services and materials are utilized throughout the case study process.